Previous Pastors of FBCNB

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The First Baptist Church, Inc., of North Brentwood has been serving the community for over 115 years, during which there have been only six pastors. The one consistent theme throughout its history is “We are a family under God.” Below is a brief synopsis of the evolution of the church during the tenure of these six pastors.

Reverend James Jasper (Visionary and Founder) 1905-1935 

The First Baptist Church of North Brentwood was founded under the vision of Rev James Jasper. In 1905, the church was launched on a vacant lot donated by W.A. Bartlett, located in the first Black township in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Rev. Jasper was joined by 19 others to launch the church in 1906 in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Holmes. In 1907, they moved into a one story building and conducted Worship until a fire destroyed the building. Unfortunately, Rev. Jasper had to enter a re-building program. Rev. Jasper began to add people to his leadership team by making Rev. Ruben Hall his associate pastor. Rev. Jasper continued his leadership until his health began to fail; he then passed the leadership baton to Rev. Ruben Hall.

Reverend Ruben Hall (1936)

Rev. Ruben Hall served the shortest term of all of our pastors. He was the interim pastor that held our church together between Rev. Jasper and Rev. Brooks. He was trained and mentored by Rev. Jasper and he shepherded our church for less than one year.

Reverend Burnett Brooks (1936-1942)        

The third pastor of FBCNB was Rev. Burnett Brooks. Although his tenure as pastor was brief, his leadership was described as imaginative, specifically within the youth ministry.

Reverend James D. Pair (1942-1957)

Rev. Pair was the fourth and oldest pastor of FBCNB. He began his tenure at the age of seventy and pastored for fifteen years.  He was also a visionary leader. Even though he was old in age, he invested lots of resources into the church’s youth.

He organized the first youth choir, and encouraged young people to participate in Sunday school and the Junior Deacon Board. He stabilized the infrastructure of the church by strengthening the areas of financial stewardship and discipleship. Rev Pair invested heavily in the Music Ministry and he appointed the first deaconess in the church. In 1957, he retired at the age of 85 and was elected as the first Pastor Emeritus in 1958.

Reverend Dr. Perry A. Smith III (1958-2010)

The pastor with the longest tenure at FBCNB is Rev. Smith, who served for more than 52 years. He was recommended by Rev. Pair, and began his pastorate on May 25, 1958. 

Under Rev. Smith’s leadership, the church continued to grow as he:

  • Expanded the pastoral staff
  • Stressed educational growth for all members
  • Added three female pastors to the church staff
  • Broadened the Youth Ministry
  • Directed the building and remodeling of the old church
  • Spearheaded the construction of the church structure that was dedicated in 2005
  • Served as a community activist
  • Promoted economic empowerment within the church

Though he retired in 2010, Rev. Smith continued to be an active member in the community and the church, until his health no longer permitted. Rev. Smith, transitioned on April 16, 2021. 

Reverend Dr. Duane T. Kay (2010-Present)

Rev. Kay became the senior pastor in October 2010. He is the sixth pastor in the church’s 110 -year history. He is a native of Spotsylvania, Virginia. He received his B.A. degree from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master’s of Divinity degree from Virginia Union University.  In addition, Rev. Kay received his Doctor of Ministry degree at Wesley Theological Seminary, in Washington, D.C.